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Biesse Rover A 12/15

The first investment for great growth

Rover A is the new NC processing centre offering top performance and flexibility. It’s designed for the customer who wants to invest in a product that can process any type of element quickly and economically.

Top-of-the-range components

The new BH29 2L boring head is equipped with automatic lubrication and a highly efficient rigid suction cap for a cleaner environment. It’s liquid-cooled for maximum precision.

User-friendly technology

The 5-axis operating head, equipped with 13 kW HSD spindle and with 360° continuous rotation on the vertical and horizontal axes, enables the machining of complex-shapes ensuring quality, precision and absolute long term reliability.

Biesse machines are designed to work in complete safety.

Various solutions available:

  • With the new "full bumper" solution, the work table can be accessed from every side - this is the most ergonomic solution.
  • Solution with mats only, for speed and productivity.
  • Bumper plus photocells solution, combining productivity with ergonomics
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Biesse Rover A 12/15
Biesse Rover A 12/15